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Last week Some People’s Kids knocked No Sir, Not Me! out of the top spot! No Sir, Not Me! has been known to fight back! Will they make a return to the top spot this week? Make sure you vote by tagging Live605 in your Facebook posts, Tweets, or by messaging us at (605) 937-8557. The […]

In this episode of Inside The Warehouse Kevin and Mark chat about having Rich Dahl in the studio and the process of recording drums. If you are interested in what happens in behind the scenes in the recording studio, this is a must listen!

In this week’s episode of Inside The Warehouse Kevin talks about what is going on in the studio and Mark stops by to update everyone on some new things coming to the studio in 2018! On Demand – goo.gl/rLGyKv Subscribe Apple Podcasts – goo.gl/JRJjiM Google Play Music – goo.gl/awX972 More Music and Entertainment News

Sundays at the Bunker – This week will feature the band that currently holds the number 8 spot on the countdown, Stay Lucky. Stay Lucky formed in 2010 and the best way to describe their music is that is something similar to the Dropkick Murphys.

Top 11 Countdown – After holding the top spot No Sir, Not Me! streak at #1 ended. The following week that took the top spot back! Can they hold that spot again? The top 5 have mixed it up so make sure you listen all the way through. Make sure you vote by tagging Live605 […]

In the second of the two part series Kevin sits down with longtime Sioux Falls musician Eldon Fisher to discuss his musical endeavors and the loss and remembrance of another longtime great Wayne Estrada. This is a must listen! If you haven’t listened to the first part you can listen to both below.

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a dark movie scene. What other songs would you like to see re-imagined this way?

Sundays at the Bunker – This week will feature Ben Gertner. Ben Gertner is a Sioux Falls based musician that performs under his name and is also part of another Sioux Falls based band, The Disarmed. Ben Gertner’s Hydroplane is currently #5 on the Top 11 Countdown. You can catch Sundays at the Bunker at […]

Through technical difficulties Kevin pulls off another awesome episode of Inside The Warehouse. This week Kevin sits down with Art Diaz from Amos Slade. Art Diaz takes some time to talk about Amos Slade and the behind the scenes work he does with other artists.

What does the man who has everything buy himself for Christmas? Himself, of course. Sylvester Stallone dropped a hefty $400,000 on a statue of himself as Rocky from “Rocky III” after anonymously bidding on it at a recent auction.