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Hey, thanks for stopping by! I can only assume you have made it to this page because you are interested in having your content played on Live605. If you are a band or comedian from Sioux Falls or the surrounding areas you can submit your content by hitting the “Submit Your Music” or “Submit Your Comedy” link at the bottom of this page. If you have other content (podcast, radio show, etc.) that you would like to send to Live605 you can shoot an email to

The only requests that we have is that you are from Sioux Falls or the surrounding areas and that you submit your music in the preferred format. If you aren’t able to meet the requests it doesn’t mean that we can’t accept your content, it just means that it may be harder for us to not only play your music, but it will also make it harder for us to let the listeners know who they are hearing. Live605 is here to promote you so do your best to fulfill the requests :).

Preferred File Formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV

Preferred Track Labels (file name): Artist – Track Title

Additional Information: Als0, please submit THIS FORM with your contact information and any other information (social media profiles, websites, etc.) that you would like us to have. As we play your content we want to do our best to promote you, so any information that you can provide will be greatly beneficial to you!

Social Media Shoutout, Promos and Events

If you get that chance, we would appreciate a shout-out on your social media pages. Clue your fans in on one more place they can hear your stuff! Secondly, to get yourself additional exposure, feel free to cut a promo and send it to us. It can be something as simple as “This is (your name) from (band name) and you are listening to Live605.” Feel free to add your own touch to it if you would like. The more that listeners hear your name, the more likely they will be to search out your music. Lastly, if you have a show or an event coming up, feel free to send it to so we can add it to our events page.

By submitting your content, you are giving Live605 the rights to play your music on our streaming stations, podcasts and other media platforms to promote you and your content. By giving Live605 permission to play your music or content, you are also agreeing that all involved parties (band members, writers, record labels, etc.) have also granted permission.

Feel free to come back here at anytime to submit your new tracks!

We look forward to adding your music and content to the Live605 rotation!