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Miss America CEO, Sam Haskell and two other Miss America Organization leaders have resigned following an email scandal in which vulgar, offensive language was used to describe former Miss America contestants, USA TODAY confirmed Saturday.

Per TMZ…  Heather North — the longtime voice of Daphne on ‘Scooby-Doo’ — died of a heart attack brought on by respiratory disease … TMZ has learned. North’s official cause of death is listed as cardiopulmonary arrest with an underlying cause of constrictive bronchiolitis … according to the death certificate. She also had a very low level of oxygen in […]

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  Even Guns N’ Roses newbies can appreciate the gnarly tales from Guns n’ Roses that have popped up over the years. Rumors tell of countless trashed dressing rooms, mountains of consumed drugs, and even a few brushes with death. The craziest things Guns N’ Roses ever did are the stuff of rock legend – what other […]

Per TMZ… Gene Simmons is being sued for allegedly groping a woman during the opening of a restaurant last month.

Sundays at the Bunker is a live studio series that streams live via YouTube on the last Sunday of the month. We are bringing you the replays every Sunday to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the performances. This week’s show will feature Granola!

Charlie Sheen is suing the National Enquirer for an article it published claiming he raped a then 13-year-old Corey Haim.

In the premier episode of Inside The Warehouse, Kevin and Mark clue you in on information about the The Warehouse and The Bunker 105 recording studio. The guys give you a look behind the season while featuring local and nationwide musicians. This week’s featured artists are Stay Lucky, Search for George, Courtney Lynn, Denham, Duel […]

There was the planking challenge, the mannequin challenge, and now, the latest trend to take social media by storm is the “invisible box challenge.”

SNL Sexual Harassment – Over the weekend, SNL debuted a catchy pop culture parody tackling the unending wave of sexual harassment allegations.