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This week Kev V. is back on his normal side of the mic to sit down with The Disarmed for the first of their two-part series. They were recently featured on Sundays at the Bunker and their song “These Waters” has been on the Top 11 Countdown for months! You can see The Disarmed live […]

Things are really starting to heat up on the Top 11 Countdown, especially in the top 5! We also have recently New Music Monday featured artist Noah Deist making his debut on the countdown!

Part 1: This week we are flipping the script on Inside The Warehouse! Recurring guest Mark Dahm takes the mic and interviews the regular host Kev V. The two chat about Kev V. photography and what led Kev to where he is now! Part 2: This week concludes the “flip the script” episode with recurring […]

I am back in the studio to countdown your top songs in the Sioux Empire! Last week we had a couple songs debut on the Top 11 Countdown and they are making their way up the countdown ranks! One even broke into the top 5! Make sure you vote by tagging Live605 in your Facebook […]

This week the Top 11 Countdown has a guest host! Tyler will be back next week, unless of course you would like the guest host to come back! The Honoroll has held the top spot for over a month, but Ben Gertner’s new single may have enough votes to take over! This week we also […]

Inside The Warehouse – Kev V. is back and he has Mark Dahm in the studio to chat about all of the fun changes they have made at The Warehouse Recording Studio and as always, Kev V. will be introducing some music from your favorite local bands! You can follow The Warehouse Recording Studio on […]

We know absolutely nothing about Type Omega, but at least one of the current members were or are part of Sedivides. After listening to the below song we also know that they will rock your faces off! We had a moment to chat with Kyle and it sounds like there is more new music in […]

After a week off I am back to bring you a new episode of the Top 11 Countdown! A ton of votes came in over that last two weeks and there has been a ton of movement throughout the countdown. Make sure you vote by tagging Live605 in your Facebook posts, Tweets, or by messaging […]

We are excited to announce our fist non-music related show, Being Inspired Radio Show with Amanda Johnson. The Being Inspired Radio Show is an insightful show to inspire you to be more of you each day. Tune in and be inspired to reveal and express more of who you truly are, and start being good […]

Last week The Honoroll took over the top spot! Will The Honoroll get enough votes to stay there? The new episode is up On Demand on our website and on all podcast apps! Make sure you vote by tagging Live605 in your Facebook posts, Tweets, or by messaging us at (605) 937-8557. The Top 11 Countdown is brought […]