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This month we have a couple new songs on the countdown with one of those songs getting a ton of votes. That song may have even got enough votes to get near the top or maybe even the top.

This month we have three new songs on the countdown. We are calling this the back-to-back edition of the countdown because there are a bunch of back-to-backs on this countdown.

This countdown feels like it is the countdown of twos. Artists having two songs, an artist being on two different songs, and much  more!

In this episode Kev V. brings you behind the scenes of a project brought to the studio by Chris Sandvig. This is the fifth part of this multi-part series. Listen in as the guys work through the new project.

What an amazing month of voting for the Live605 Countdown! We had over 17,000 votes and the chart topper had more than 7,000 votes! We are really excited for you to listen to this countdown!

If you haven’t heard Gorilla Pimp on Live605 you need to stop what you are doing and take a listen. Gorilla Pimp is part of Chilly Nelson and their song was voted the #1 song of 2018 on the Live605 Countdown.

A countdown full of firsts! Yes, first! 3 songs making their first appearance on the countdown and a couple other huge firsts! I know we always say this, but this is really one you will not want to miss!

The 2019 summer lineup for the newly completed Levitt at the Falls has been announced and we are giving you a look into the artists!

Holy votes is all that can be said! We topped 2,500 votes this month! The top 3 were taking turns and swapping out the top spot! Which one grabbed the top spot? Take a listen and find out!

We are back with another countdown and March brought more votes than we have ever had before! Not only did we get a ton of votes, we also have a few debuts on this month’s countdown.