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In this episode Kev V. takes you to other areas of the Midwest to introduce you to music that may be new to you! Inside The Warehouse is brought to you by The Warehouse Recording Studio Previous Episodes More On Demand

Everything you need to know about Sioux Falls with a little twist! The Sioux Falls Headliner is Sioux Falls’ leader in satirical news! You can hear new episodes of the Sioux Falls Headliner every Friday morning at 10, On Demand or on any podcast app! The Sioux Falls Headliner premiers at 10:00am on Friday July 6! […]

This week we announce some changes to the Top 11 Countdown. We are shifting from 11 songs, to 5 songs. We are redirecting our focus on giving you more information about the artists. This also means that every vote is more important than ever! If Noah Deist can hold on this week he will tie […]

I foresee some changes coming in the Top 11 Countdown with as many votes that are coming in. We have another song debuting on the countdown from No Sir, Not Me and a new song in the top 5.

In this installment of Inside The Warehouse Kev V. chats with the guys from the newly formed Type Omega about their new conceptual album. Inside The Warehouse is brought to you by The Warehouse Recording Studio Previous Episodes More On Demand

Last week Noah Deist found himself at the top of the Top 11 Countdown for the first time. Within a couple days his fans had already put him out of reach. His fans voted again, but this week the first in second place on the countdown were much closer, which also means we could have […]

We know, we have been telling your for awhile that we had something huge in the works for you! It is finally here! Live605 has partnered with The Sioux Empire Podcast Network to bring their shows to the Live605 streaming station. Don’t worry, nothing will change if you are already listening to one of the […]

This week there is a ton of movement on the Top 11 Countdown, especially in the top 5. There might even be a new #1! What song do you think could take over the top spot?

After taking the holiday off, we are back. When we left Granola had held the top spot on the Top 11 Countdown for two weeks in a row. Can they continue the run or will a we see a new #1 this week! Stay tuned to find out!

We are taking the week off of the Top 11 Countdown due to Memorial Day! We will be back next week! While you are waiting for us to come back you can check out the latest episode On Demand. You can also check out all of our other shows On Demand! We would like to […]