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In preparation for the 605 Summer Classic Soleil stopped by the KaiZen studios to record a live set. Check out the video below and swing by Cham.Life to see all of the awesome stuff going on over there!

Red Eyes: Acoustic by Soleil Mukendji Bashale feat Gustavo Martins and Austin.

The Honoroll has made many appearances on the Live605 Countdown and has even reached the #1 spot with the song Lets Get It. Check him out back in action in this video!

We stumbled across this EP the other day and we were perplexed! Who are these guys? They released an EP called “Sioux Falls” and we wanted to know the story behind it! After a bit of digging we found their Facebook page and learned they are a New Wave, British Invasion, Garage Pop, Weirdo Basement […]

If you haven’t heard Gorilla Pimp on Live605 you need to stop what you are doing and take a listen. Gorilla Pimp is part of Chilly Nelson and their song was voted the #1 song of 2018 on the Live605 Countdown.

We added two new artists to the rotation this week! Please welcome Luc Michael and Chris Sandvig to Live605! The first track is from Luc Michael. Finally has the most votes as of right now (1030 votes) for the June Live605 Countdown. You can find Luc Michael’s upcoming show dates by following him on Facebook. We […]

A countdown full of firsts! Yes, first! 3 songs making their first appearance on the countdown and a couple other huge firsts! I know we always say this, but this is really one you will not want to miss!

The 2019 summer lineup for the newly completed Levitt at the Falls has been announced and we are giving you a look into the artists!

Holy votes is all that can be said! We topped 2,500 votes this month! The top 3 were taking turns and swapping out the top spot! Which one grabbed the top spot? Take a listen and find out!

Shows by local entertainers you can go to this week.