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We added a few tracks from Chris Sandvig a few weeks ago and we just got another track from him. This one features the powerful voice of Nattie Jean. If you remember, her song “Nobody’s Fool” has been it the rotation for about 6 months! You can follow Chris Sandvig on Facebook and Spotify. Previous […]

In this episode Kev V. brings you behind the scenes of a project brought to the studio by Chris Sandvig. This is the fifth part of this multi-part series. Listen in as the guys work through the new project.

What an amazing month of voting for the Live605 Countdown! We had over 17,000 votes and the chart topper had more than 7,000 votes! We are really excited for you to listen to this countdown!

Sharon’s Little Helpers is another project that involves Zach Dresch. This three-piece performed their debut at Club David back in March and will be back on that stage tonight (6/28/2019).

It is awesome to see local and area talent on this stage! If you haven’t been to Levitt at the Falls you need to head over to their website and find the next show.

A couple of us from Live605 were at this set and Nathan Hults had us in tears! Possibly one of our favorites!

One of our favorites over here at Live605, Zach Dresch, won the June comedy competition at Boss’ Comedy Club! If you see him around make sure you tell him congratulations!

Last night the team at Cham.Life and Arlinda Peacock of Peacock Cassette took the stage at KaiZen for an impromptu performance. If this is evidence of what is to come you will want to stay tuned!

These young talented individuals are at it again! The crew is pushing out some new music! Check out this video from a recent performance.

In “The Art of Bombing”, comedian Dan Bublitz Jr sits down with comedians of all levels from across the country to discuss what can be learned from ugly shows on the road. Learning lessons not only to become better comedians, but better people, the “Art Of Bombing” takes an in depth look at bombing on […]