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Sioux Falls’ very own Denham has signed with the HomeSlice Artist Management.

We have some exciting news! We would like to welcome The Blast.fm network of channels to the Live605 website. The Blast.fm is a collection of Christian channels based right here in Sioux Falls.

If you have listened to the Live605 Countdown, you have heard of SKAR. SKAR had two songs, Life Can Be… Hard as Rock(7) and  Build on Love (5), on the end of the year Best of 2019 Countdown.

Nathan Hults and Luke Johnson swung by Keloland Living to tell you about the comedians that will be making their way to Sioux Falls for the 3-day Sno Jam Comedy Fest.

The Sioux Empire Podcast Network is back with the new podcast called Edge Case. In the first episode we find the team did something different than what you are used to hearing from them. This podcast is kinda like Story Pirates for adults! 

Comprised of members from Type Omega, Sedivides and Some People’s Kids, Worst Case Scenario has released their first single. Take a listen to “Reborn” and let us know what you think here.

If you are a longtime listener you will know the track “Buffalo Grass” by the Tenenbaums. The trio are back with a couple new tracks for your listening pleasure.

Rogues Gallery is at it again, releasing a video for Guerrilla Panic. After checking out this video you need to hit play on our station and checkout the Rogues Gallery Live605 Takeover channel!

The very funny Nathan Hults will be headlining at O So Good in Garretson for the Comedy Feel Good Dinner & Show this coming Friday.

Enjoy funny situations? Listen to Tad to Far and see what happens when three co-hosts are given a topic that opens the imagination to places many have never gone before.