New Music Monday

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Sail to Other Waters was the first song Ben recorded in his basement. The Warehouse Recording Studio was gracious enough to record it professionally, and you should definitely take a listen! You can listen to it here: You can find this song streaming on Live605 and on Spotify

NEW MUSIC MONDAY | No Sir, Not Me – Metaphors We have been playing this song for awhile, but the guys have put out a new video for their song Metaphors. No Sir, Not Me, is an alternative rock band out of Sioux Falls, SD. They have a wide range of sound from pop punk to […]

We know, we have been telling your for awhile that we had something huge in the works for you! It is finally here! Live605 has partnered with The Sioux Empire Podcast Network to bring their shows to the Live605 streaming station. Don’t worry, nothing will change if you are already listening to one of the […]

Things are really starting to heat up on the Top 11 Countdown, especially in the top 5! We also have recently New Music Monday featured artist Noah Deist making his debut on the countdown!

NEW MUSIC MONDAY | Noah Deist – What Am I Waiting For | Now Streaming On Live605 | You can follow Noah Deist on all platforms that people use to follow other people! Facebook Instagram Apple Music Previously Featured Song on New Music Monday

We know absolutely nothing about Type Omega, but at least one of the current members were or are part of Sedivides. After listening to the below song we also know that they will rock your faces off! We had a moment to chat with Kyle and it sounds like there is more new music in […]

“Ain’t Heard Of Me Yet” is the debut music video for the first track off  “Suck My Dictionary”.

Sheryl Crow released an emotional new music video Monday for her Sandy Hook Elementary tribute “The Dreaming Kind.”

New Music Monday – King Lu “Chasing Checks” off his “Free the City” mix-tape. You can find the full mix-tape on SoundCloud.

NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Stay Lucky ‘Drag Me Down We play music and have fun. Looking for people who listen to music and also have fun. Influences: Adaptsis, At Mourning’s End, The Gaslight Anthem, The Dashing North, Narcoleptic Autopilot, Alkaline Trio, The Horrible Crowes, The Lawrence Arms, Nothington, Red City Radio As loyal as their listeners are, […]