Idaho inmate who escaped 19 years ago captured in South Dakota

Written by on December 5, 2017

A female Idaho inmate who escaped nearly two decades ago from an work center was captured in South Dakota using a false name.

The Idaho Department of Correction said Rhonda L. Blake, 57, was arrested at her home in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Nov. 27 after she walked away from a Boise Work Center on Christmas Eve in 1998.

Officials said Blake was placed on probation for 2 years and 6 months in May 1997 for illegal possession of a controlled substance. At the time of her escape, Blake was serving a 180-day sentence at an inmate rehabilitation center for violating her probation.

In addition to her fugitive status, officials said, Blake also is wanted in connection with a 2009 drunk driving arrest in South Dakota. After the case is resolved, the 57-year-old will be extradited to Idaho.

Information for this article was originally published by Madeline Fish on Fox News

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