Photos Of Ryan Seacrest’s Mom Prove Taylor Swift Could Literally Be Her Daughter

Written by on November 14, 2017

People are saying Taylor Swift has a new dopplegänger, and it’s not at all who you would expect. No, she’s not some Instagram model or rising starlet — she’s Ryan Seacrest’s mom. It looks like some sort of Switched At Birth plot line is happening because photos of Ryan Seacrest’s mom, Connie, basically prove that Taylor Swift is her long-lost daughter.

The revelation was brought to the attention of Ryan by a fan of Live With Kelly and Ryan. According to E! News, on Nov. 13, Ryan invited his mother on the show for a cooking segment. After the show aired, people started noticing the strong resemblance. One detail: I feel the likeness between the two is the strongest during Swift’s 2015 bangs era.

Ryan said one fan wrote in and suggested, “You should do a side-by-side shot of Ryan’s mom and Taylor Swift, she could be Taylor Swift’s mother.” The audience went nuts over the comparison, and even Kelly exclaimed that she saw the resemblance. Also, Ryan Seacrest’s mom, Connie, is cute AF.

After the side-by-side, the show even swapped out Swift’s face for Connie’s and it was hilarious. Ryan cracked up and said, “I apologize, Taylor. I’m sorry Taylor. What an honor mother.” TBH, more like what an honor to Swift. I would love to look like the mother who created literally the most successful man in show business. Keep up the good work, Connie. #JusticeForConnie

As expected, Twitter cannot deal.

Even though I’m, like, almost certain Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift don’t actually have the same mother — one thing is for sure, people can’t stop talking about Swifty.

Information from this article was originally posted by Laura Rizzo on Elite Daily