Terry Dean is a longtime radio professional and currently host the Terry Dean Radio Show on Live605. You can catch Terry every weekday from 6pm to 10pm.

Chris Russell is the late night DJ on Live605. Chris is filled with current events and fun stories that you might not hear anywhere else! Of course, he also plays all of your favorite local hits. Tune in every weeknight from 10pm-2am for Late Nights with Chris Russell.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Cindy Scott has been on the radio a long time. She’s friendly with just the right amount of corny to make you feel warm all over.  You’ll definitely be able to figure out her love for movies, cooking and especially Star Wars.  Whether its about her own life, or a story […]

John & Heidi met in 1999 when John moved to a small town in Iowa to help launch a new radio station. About five months after moving there he met Heidi and the world has not been the same since. John actually started his broadcasting career in 1994, but this radio program started when the couple launched their very own radio […]

You can catch Tyler hosting a variety of shows on Live605 while taking on a ton of duties behind the scenes. Implanted from Iowa, Tyler has resided in Sioux Falls for the last 8 years. When Tyler isn’t on the mic, he enjoys spending time on the water, hiking with his Basenji named Luna, getting a […]