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Sundays at the Bunker is a live studio series that streams live via YouTube on the last Sunday of the month. We are bringing you the replays every Sunday to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the performances. This week’s show will feature Granola!

In the premier episode of Inside The Warehouse, Kevin and Mark clue you in on information about the The Warehouse and The Bunker 105 recording studio. The guys give you a look behind the season while featuring local and nationwide musicians. This week’s featured artists are Stay Lucky, Search for George, Courtney Lynn, Denham, Duel […]

Sundays at the Bunker is a studio series that streams live from The Warehouse and The Bunker 105 studios via YouTube on the last Sunday of the month. Live605 is making sure you don’t miss anything by bringing you the replay On Demand and on your favorite podcast app!

We heard you loud and clear! You want shows to listen to while at work! Inside The Warehouse, our first weekday show will premier this Thursday at 2pm. Inside The Warehouse is your look into what happens in the recording studio. Kevin, The voice of The Warehouse, pulls back the curtains to give you an […]

Local Workout Playlist – Get Motivated! Are you ready to hit the gym and get motivated? Do it with local music! This is a killer list of local artists that will help you get your sweat on and push you through your workout! Nikko McFadden – All The Way Up (Remix) Nikko McFadden – Still […]

Most Covered Songs in Music History Unlike movies, where it’s rare that a second (or third) attempt at remaking a film can ever match—let alone top—the original, music is different sort of creative beast. Just because The Beatles did a bang-up job on one song doesn’t mean that Joan Baez or Elvis Presley couldn’t do […]

Although the Midwest is a great place to live, it takes a bit longer for  certain types of music to land here. Fortunately for streaming options the tide is starting to shift. I struggle to understand why Alternative Rock is not more popular in this part of the country. Portugal. The Man’s ‘Feel it Still’ […]

We are excited to bring you the pilot episode of the Artist Anecdote. Get the stories behind the music and an inside look into the writing and creative process. The pilot episode will feature 12/2 MC. 12/2 MC started out as a straight metal musician and transitioned to the hip-hop world. You can catch the […]

Mental Health, Music is Good For it – People often plug in and listen to background music as they go about their daily existence. While it does alter your mood slightly, it isn’t transformational as you haven’t allowed yourself to fully engage with it. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Stevie Nicks play live. […]

You definitely won’t want to miss the Top 11 Countdown tonight. There was a ton of movement and a new number 1. There is also a group making their Top 11 Countdown debut tonight.