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In this episode of Inside The Warehouse Kevin and Mark chat about having Rich Dahl in the studio and the process of recording drums. If you are interested in what happens in behind the scenes in the recording studio, this is a must listen!

In this episode of Inside The Warehouse Kevin brings Mark back into the studio to take a look behind the scenes of the recording process. Mark talks about some of the tricks they used to create some of the songs for Mark’s band Search for George.

Kevin will be introducing Granola‘s newest single ‘Treble Clef Tattoo’ on this week’s episode of Inside The Warehouse. Along with Granola’s new single, Kevin will also be featuring music from Duel, Search for George, Lost Harbor, Courtney Lynn, Denham and Stay Lucky. You can listen to Inside The Warehouse live today at 2pm on, the replay […]

Warehouse Spotlight : Ben Gertner – This week Kevin will be featuring Ben Gernter for The Warehouse Spotlight. Gertner releases music under his own name and is also part of the band The Disarmed. 

We got a ton of awesome feedback from everyone so we have decided to continue Inside The Warehouse! This week there will be music from Search for George, Courtney Lynn, Ben Gertner, Stay Lucky and Lost Harbor.

In the premier episode of Inside The Warehouse, Kevin and Mark clue you in on information about the The Warehouse and The Bunker 105 recording studio. The guys give you a look behind the season while featuring local and nationwide musicians. This week’s featured artists are Stay Lucky, Search for George, Courtney Lynn, Denham, Duel […]

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