Live605 Adds 7 More Local Channels to Website

Written by on February 5, 2020

If you have been following along at home you have probably noticed some new channels showing up on Live605. Although these channels don’t play local music, they are all local radio stations.

Some of these stations, like Sunny Radio, you can find by tuning in to 93.3 on the radio in you car and others are online only. Below is a guide to what you can now hear directly from the Live605 website. Make sure you support local content creators and entertainer by taking a listen to one or all of these stations.

Live605 | Local Music Variety

The Pat Paradise Network | 70s – Current Rock Variety

Sioux Falls News | Local, National & World News

Sunny Radio | 80s & 90s Hits

The | New Christian Rock, Metal & Alternative

The Blastozic Era | Classic Christian Rock & Alternative

The Blender | Christian Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop & R&B

The Implosion | Christian Metal & Hardcore