The Honoroll “Level Up” at the Guerrilla Picnic (Video)

Written by on July 30, 2019

Over the weekend the Live605 crew stopped by Bigs Bar to see some local hip-hop tear up the indoor and outdoor stages. The event, Guerrilla Picnic featured local and area talent. We are hoping this becomes an annual event.

This video features one of our favorites, The Honoroll.



I went pretty hard for this one. “Level Up” has always been one of my favorite songs to do live. I like to think of the second verse as the “perfect crescendo” to what I was trying to get the listener to feel. Like, building up the suspense until the bottle bursts. Link to full song in comments. Will release another performance video at the next 1k! #dreamslist #HXLY#KTDA

You can hear The Honoroll along with other local artist by tuning in to our 24/7 station directly from our website or you can download and search “Live605” on the My Tuner app on iPhone or Android.