Coming Soon | Rogues Gallery Channel

Written by on July 22, 2019

Did you hear the announcement over the weekend? We have been teasing for a few weeks that we had something big in the works! The big announcement is that Live605 is partnering with Rogues Gallery to bring you a special limited edition Rogues Gallery channel. Launching on August 1 and running all the way through the month you will be able to tune into the Rogues Gallery channel.

On that same day Gorilla Pimp (one member of Rogues Gallery) will also be releasing the Gorilla Pimp EP.

By tuning into Rogues Gallery radio you will hear music from Rogues Gallery, tracks from their previous and solo projects, and music from the Rogues Gallery friends and family. Between songs you will hear the crew give some insight behind the music, as well as filling you in on what they are up to now and what is coming up.

Make sure you tune in starting on August 1. Until then, make sure you are checking out Rogues Gallery along with other local artist by tuning into our 24/7 station directly from our website or you can download and search “Live605” on the My Tuner app on iPhone or Android.