4th of July Hip-Hop Playlist (Local)

Written by on July 3, 2019

There you are, about to get ready to jump on a boat, throw your hands up and let loose for the weekend! Don’t forget to take some local music along for the ride!

We have curated a 4th of July Hip-Hop playlist for you to take with you!

The Honoroll – Let’s Get It | A constant on the Live605 Countdown in 2018 and even reaching the top position. This song is sure to bring the party!

C.A.D. – HippieStar | Tone it down a bit, but keep the mood rolling with this track.

Chilly Nelson – Old Back Road Remix ft. Chilly Ray Cyrus | Kinda like the original, but heavier  influence! Whatever your fix is you can enjoy it with this song.


Denham – One For Me | After a bit of chilling you can get them hands back in the air with Denham.

Kid Brother – 40’s ft. Tiny MD | 40 after 40 now I’m lit up in the party… that’s it!

OK.Hype – Demon ft. Denver Chang | Perfect for you and your team when you are out trying to kill it on Independence Day.

Presidential Productions – I Know ft. Post Malone | You can close out the night with this song if you are catching what we are throwing down.

You can catch all of these songs along with other local artist by tuning into our 24/7 station directly from our website or you can download and search “Live605” on the My Tuner app on iPhone or Android.