Sunday Programming: Top 11 Countdown (New Time) & Sundays at the Bunker (New Show)

Written by on December 10, 2017

Sunday Programming – Another Sunday is upon us, which means a new Top 11 Countdown. This week we have two bands that made the list twice, a newcomer, and a new #1 so you will want to make sure you check it out! You can now catch the Top 11 Countdown at 4pm. We moved the Top 11 Countdown to 4pm because we will now be airing Sundays at the Bunker at 6:05pm every Sunday.

Sundays at the Bunker is a live studio series that streams live via YouTube on the last Sunday of the month. We are bringing you the replays every Sunday to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the performances. This week’s show will feature Granola!

As with all of our shows, you will be able to find both of these On Demand within 24-hours of their initial airing. We will be bringing more shows in the near future so make sure you listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast app.



Sunday at the Bunker ft. Granola Teaser

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