Average person spends about $15 on streaming music per year

Written by on November 15, 2017

Nielsen Music’s study revealed people spend $156 annually on music, with streaming music accounting for only nine percent. That small percentage roughly equals $14. As low as that is, it’s actually an improvement. Last year, the average person spent $153 on music, with six percent — a little more than $9 — being allocated to streaming music.The most glaring reason for why people are paying so little for streaming music is because there is so much free music to stream. Nielsen’s study found 45 percent of consumers prefer to stream music for free, compared to the 29 percent of consumers that have a music streaming subscription. Nearly half of those who said they do not have a music subscription said they didn’t because that option is too expensive. Nielsen conducted this survey in August with 3,000 consumers over the age of 13.

Information for this article was originally posted by Keith Nelson Jr. on Digital Trends