Lyft is stealing customers from the SFPD, and they are ok with it!

Written by on October 26, 2017

The Sioux Falls Police Department is wishing their competitor (Lyft) well in hopes that DUI arrests decrease.

Per the Sioux Falls Police Department website:

Dear Lyft,

Thanks for coming to Sioux Falls, SD. It probably isn’t very often that a competitor wishes you well, but we will and we mean it.

Just know that our agency was one of the original ride sharing programs in the state. We have a lot of experience. I mean, we have been doing it for over a hundred years. And to think the news says you are the first .

Somehow though, even with our business plan of really uncomfortable seating (hard plastic to be exact), very high prices regardless of length of trip, the choice of only one destination, and possible long term confinement, we have managed to still attract many new and repeat customers. I have seen your ride requirements, it seems like a much more enjoyable experience.

DWI’s are a 100 percent preventable crime. Last year, in 2016, we had 1152 people ride with the Sioux Falls Police Department because of a DWI arrest. We sincerely hope that you, all the other great taxi companies, and limo/rideshare businesses in Sioux Falls put us out of business when it comes to DWI related transportation once and for all.


Your friends at the SFPD

P.S. I see you have a pink mustache associated with your business. Let me direct you to some of our traffic officers for any mustache tips you may have. Especially that one motorcycle officer. His mustache is the most famous in town……probably till now! /802

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