Sioux Falls native Devin Clark makes public statement after fight in Gdansk, Poland

Written by on October 22, 2017

Although the fight didn’t end in his favor, Sioux Falls native Devin Clark seemed in good spirits after he competed in Gdansk, Poland.

The first round was primarily on the feet with the fighters trading blows. At one point Clark had sent his opponent (Jan Blachowicz) back peddling with an overhand right. Blachowicz quickly recovered while returning with shots to the body.

The second round was fueled by the two fighters trading body shots. Later in the round Blachowicz would  successfully take Clark down. The fight would return to its feet and after a quick exchange, Blachowicz was able to secure a rear naked choke in a standing position. Clark was forced to tap at 2:02 in the second round.