T.H.E. Honoroll

Hailing from Sioux Falls, SD, T.H.E. Honoroll (To Heavens Eternity) has been steadily making waves on the music scene since releasing their first mixtape as a group “Lost In T.H.E. Mind”.

T.H.E. Honoroll has worked with talented Indianapolis MC, Pope Adrian Bless, titled “Drift Away”. Since then, that single has been featured on Hot 97, Hiphopsrevival.com, and many independent blogs as well. At the same time, HV$H 1XX released his most potent single to date. With a Korean title meaning “Dragon’s Triangle” and a booming sound, it has become a catalyst for lively performances and memorable shows.

If you have listened to Live605 you have heard T.H.E. Honoroll reach the top of the Live605 Countdown multiple times with multiple songs.

From now until mid-November T.H.E. Honoroll will be taking over the Live605 internet-waves with a limited run station. This station is made up of a ton of music from T.H.E. Honoroll and friends. Click “Channels”  or the play icon on mobile and click on “T.H.E. Honoroll” to listen.

You can listen to Live605 and this station directly from our website or you can download and search “Live605” or “The Honoroll” on the My Tuner app on iPhone or Android.

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